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Sergej Čelikovský received SICE 2011 Award for Outstanding Paper

Sergej Čelikovský received SICE 2011 Award for Outstanding Paper
Sergej Čelikovský received SICE 2011 Award for Outstanding Paper published in Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers. This paper proposes and analyzes a successive approximation method for obtaining center manifolds with application to output regulation problem. Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) is the recognized international society founded in Japan.

2011 Award of Outstanding Statistical Application

The 2011 Outstanding Statistical Application Award of American Statistical Association has been presented to Miroslav Kárný and his co-authors A. Raftery (University of Washington) and P. Ettler (Compureg s.r.o.). This award recognises "extending Bayesian methods for model uncertainty to temporally evolving systems and showing how these ideas can be successfully applied to solving a challenging problem in a continuous manufacturing system."

2011 Frank Wilcoxon Prize has been given to Adrian Raftery, Miroslav Kárný, and Pavel Ettler.

Miroslav Kárný and his co-authors A.Raftery (University of Washington) and P.Ettler (Compureg s.r.o.) were selected to receive the Frank Wilcoxon Prize for their paper: “Online prediction under model uncertainty via dynamic model averaging: application to a cold rolling mill” that appeared in the February 2010 issue of Technometrics. The Wilcoxon Prize is given to the best practical application paper appearing in the previous year's Technometrics.

NIPS Workshop Decision Making with Multiple Imperfect Decision Makers


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You are invited to participate in the NIPS Workshop DECISION MAKING WITH MULTIPLE IMPERFECT DECISION MAKERS in conjunction with the 25th Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, which is the premier scientific meeting on neural computation.

Sergej Čelikovský promoted as the Full Professor

Mr. Sergej Čelikovský has been promoted by the President of the Czech Republic Mr. Václav Klaus to a professorship in Technical cybernetics. The ceremony occurred in the Carolinum’s pride on Friday, 24th June 2011

Prof. Milan Mareš passed away

Milan Mareš
With regret we have to announce that Prof. Milan Mareš, our colleague and a former director of the Institute, passed away suddenly on July 25, 2011. His death came as an unexpected and heavy loss. We will miss him as a great scientist and as a dear colleague and friend.

Award of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for prof. Michal Haindl et al.

The Award of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for outstanding results of major scientific importance in 2011 was received by a team of authors from the Institute of Information Theory and Automation. The team led by prof. Ing. Michal Haindl, DrSc. consisting of: Ing. J. Filip, Ph.D, Ing. J. Grim, CSc., RNDr. Vojtech Havlicek, Ph.D, and Ing. M. Hatka was awarded for the scientific outcome: Mathematical modeling of visual properties of surface materials.

Differential Equations - Stochastic & Deterministic

Ivo Vrkoč will celebrate his eightieth birthday on June 10, 2011. On this occasion, Ivo’s former students and recent coauthors decided to organise a small colloquium devoted to some of the topics Ivo has contributed to significantly, namely the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations and stochastic analysis.

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Ekonometrický den 2010

V listopadu 2010 se konal v ÚTIA Ekonometricky den, jehož organizátorem je Česká ekonometrická společnost. Kromě Valné hromady ČES, byla na programu přednáška vítězné práce Soutěže o nějlepší studentskou vědeckou práci z teoretické ekonomie a ekonometrie za rok 2010, Branda M.: Performations of chance constrained problems. A jako host vystoupil guvernér ČNB, Miroslav Singer: Makroekonomický a měnový vývoj v ČR a prognóza ČNB.
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