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Award in Rektorys competition - 03.12.2014
Ondřej Tichý from Adaptive systems has been awarded the 1st place in the 7th annual Rektorys competition in applied mathematics organized by Department of mathematics, FSv ČVUT, for the work "On Sparsity in Bayesian Blind Source Separation for Dynamic Medical Imaging".
Best publications of 2014 - 10.11.2014
Nejlepší publikace 2014
Director of ǓTIA passed diplomas for winners of competition for the best publication in 2014. Awarded are (from the left): Jiří Grim, Milan Studený, Petr Augusta, Petra Augustová, Michal Červinka, Petr Pecha, Filip Šroubek and Jan M. Swart.
Author of photography: Stanislav Saic
The Czech National Bank has granted Economic Research Award - 12.05.2014
Česká národní banka
The Czech National Bank has granted this year’s Economic Research Award to the paper “Are Bayesian Fan Charts Useful for Central Banks? Uncertainty, Forecasting, and Financial Stability Stress Tests”, written by Michal Franta, Jozef Baruník, Roman Horváth and Kateřina Šmídková. The work has been published in the prestigious and highly selective International Journal of Central Banking. The announcement of the Award formed part of the Czech National Bank’s 10th Research Open Day.
Paper co-authored by Michal Červinka and Jiří V. Outrata on Editor’s Choice list for Optimization Methods and Software - 14.04.2014
Optimization Methods & Software
Paper, On the computation of relaxed pessimistic solutions to MPECs, by Michal Červinka and Jiří Outrata (ÚTIA AV ČR), co-authored by Ctirad Matonoha (ÚI AV ČR) has been included in an Editor’s Choice selection of articles for Optimization Methods and Software.
Winter school of image processing 2014 - 22.01.2014
The Winter School of Image Processing is a popular meeting point of students and researchers involved in image processing research. 22.1. - 26.1. 2014, Mariánská

Passed news:

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50th Anniversary of Foundation of the Institute

50th Anniversary of Foundation of the Institute
In 2009, UTIA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation. The main celebration, comprising a seminar and a banquet, takes place on February 5, 2009, in the Institute. For more about this event in Czech (including slides and video of the seminar) click here.

Výsledky Soutěže o nejlepší publikaci a aplikaci ÚTIA 2008

KATEGORIE: Publikace všeobecné

1. cena

 Sun Rongfeng, Swart J. M.: The Brownian net. The Annals of Probability 3(2008) 1153-1208.

2. cena

Grim J., Hora J.: Iterative principles of recognition in probabilistic neural networks. Neural Networks 21 (2008), 838-846.

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