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Models with strictly bounded noise

A state space model is frequently used for a description of real systems. Usually, some state variables are hidden and cannot be measured directly and some model parameters are unknown. Then, the need for learning, i.e., the state filtering and parameter estimation, arises. Probabilistic models provide a suitable description of the always uncertain reality and call for such approaches as Bayesian learning. Uncertainties are standardly modelled by the Gaussian distribution. This leads to Kalman-filter-based algorithms.

Current projects:

Car transport: Fuel consumption optimization

This research project aims at optimization of fuel consumption both from the economical and ecological points of view.




Research positions open - 31.10.2008
The deadline for applications already passed. The applicants will be notified via email by the 31st October.
Uzavření poslucháren - 13.06.2008
V přednáškové místnosti č.4 začala 12.6.2008 demontáž audiovizuální techniky a místnost je tedy od tohoto data nepřístupná.

Učebna číslo 25 zůstane přístupná do středy 25.6.2008, kdy z ní bude odstěhován nábytek a zbylá AV technika.

Geometric Aspects of Conditional Independence and Information - 13.03.2008

location: Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
date: March 13 - 14, 2008
www: link

Přednáška Petra Somola - 18.01.2008
Petr Somol

Konání: 18.ledna (pátek) v 10:00 bude v rámci semináře ZOI pořádaná přednáška Petra Somola

Are Better Feature Selection Methods Actually Better?

One of hot topics discussed recently in relation to pattern recognition techniques is the question of actual performance of modern feature selection methods.

10th Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty, Liblice, Czech Republic, Sept. 15th-18th 2007 - 15.09.2007

The Czech-Japan seminar have become already a traditional meeting of scientists whose research interests concern methods for decision support in environment with uncertainty and their application in economics and engineering. Seminars are regularly held alternatively in Japan and the Czech Republic since 1999.


Electrical drives: sensorless control

Electrical drives are part of everyday world. While the technology for their control is well known and reliable, new challenges are comming with new technology and new requirements. The always present pressure for better reliability, safety and cost of production and operation are the driving force for inovation.

The electrical drives are also good laboratory to test new theoretical results. We apply the results of reasearch in areas of:

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Elsevier – Science Direct

Securing SQL Server
Cherry, Denny
ISBN: 9781597496254

Numerical Methods and Optimization in Finance
Gilli, Manfred
ISBN: 9780123756626

Wiley – Wiley online library

Concepts & Methods of Decision-Making


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Outrata J. V., Héctor Ramírez C.: On the Aubin Property of Critical Points to Perturbed Second-order Cone ProgramsSIAM J. OPTIM. Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 798–823

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