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The Institute of Information Theory and Automation (UTIA) is a public non-university research institution which administratively falls under the Czech Academy of Sciences. UTIA conducts fundamental and applied research in computer science, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, system science, and control theory. In addition to its research activities, UTIA is engaged in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education. It also publishes the journal Kybernetika and acts as a certified forensic expert institution. UTIA consists of eight scientific departments, computer centre, library, facility maintenance department and business administration department. UTIA is managed by the Director and the Board.

Pod Vodárenskou věží 4
CZ-182 00, Prague 8
Czech Republic

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The President of the Academy of Sciences of the CR granted The Otto Wichterle Award for 2013 to promising young scientists of the ASCR. Ing. Babak Mahdian, Ph.D. from Department of Image Processing of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation was awarded.
Předseda Akademie věd ČR, na základě návrhu poroty pro udělování Prémie Otto Wichterleho mladým vědeckým pracovníkům v AV ČR, udělil Prémii Otto Wichterleho v roce 2013 Ing. Babaku Mahdianovi, PhD. z oddělení Zpracování obrazové informace. UTIA AV ČR.
Doc. Ing. Jiří Outrata, DrSc. has been awarded a University of Ballarat Adjunct Professorship, School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering, Australia.

The Winter School of Department of Decision-Making Theory is a popular meeting point of students and researchers from the department and other colaborating researchers from several Czech institutions as well as guests from abroad. It is held in the UTIA's chalet. The program of the 2013nd edition of the MTR Winter School will consist mainly of tutorial talks given by participants.

9.2. - 14.2. 2013, Krušné hory, Mariánská.

Institut energetické ekonomie při Fakultě financí a účetnictví VŠE ocenil práci Ladislava Krištoufka, Karla Jandy a Davida Zilbermana: Correlations between biofuels and related commodities before and during the food crisis: A taxonomy perspective a udělil jim Cenu za nejlepší práci z oblasti energetické ekonomie v roce 2012.

Czech Radiation Protection Society awarded prize for the best work of young authors in the field of protection against ionizing radiation to Ing. Radek Hofman, Ph.D. from AS department of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation for his PhD thesis.

Místo konání: Pod Vodárenskou věží 4, Praha 8
Datum a doba otevření: 8. a 9. listopadu, 10 - 15 hod.
Kontakt: Dr. Ing. Lubomír Soukup, tel.: 266 052 551, e-mail:

President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic awarded

Ing. Tomáš Kroupa, Ph.D.

the Prize of the Academy for young research workers of the age limit 35 for outstanding scientific research accomplishment.

Martina Hofmanová was awarded a L'Oréal-Unesco fellowship "Pour les Femmes et la Science" of EUR 15.000 on October 8th, 2012 in Paris, aimed to support excellent and talented women active in scientific research.

Martina Hofmanová is a PhD student at UTIA AV ČR, v.v.i. and at ENS Cachan antenne de Bretagne, Rennes, working in the field of stochastic partial differential equations in hydrology and petrol chemistry.

A series of Workshops on Uncertainty Processing (WUPES) has been held in the Czech Republic every third year since 1988. Like the previous meetings the forthcoming Workshop will foster creative intellectual activities and the exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere. Therefore we will keep the number of participants limited (~40). The conference will be held in the beautiful spa town Mariánské Lázně and it is organized in colaboration of MTR department and Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague.