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Designer: Computer-Aided Design of Adaptive Controllers

Controller tuning is a basic step in any control application. This tuning is a complex process composed of several steps starting with the plant analysis and ending with the verification of the designed controller. There exist various tools that help in particular steps of the design but the complete path of the design is not supported. This work makes an attempt to offer a procedure of "complete" controller design where all necessary steps follow automatically one after another. The idea is applied here to the LQG controller design. The whole procedure is described and demonstrated on an example with the emphasis on the tuning of the LQG criterion to respect the given constraints.

The steps of the Designer are:

  1. Data preprocessing
  2. Structure estimation
  3. Parameter estimation
  4. Closed-loop optimization
  5. Verification

Currently, the Designer toolbox is merged with the Mixtools where it can be accessed for example using the Jobcontrol interface.


SVN repository (password only):
  • For documentation about Jobcontrol and its use with Designer see directory mixtools/jobcontrol/doc
  • for speedup computation using mexes read mixtools/!Readme.txt file
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