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GPC toolbox

GPC toolbox serves for obtaining the basic knowledge about the Generalized Predictive Control (GPC). It is prepared for control experiments of Linear Single-Input Single-Output systems with Time-Invariant parameters (LTI SISO systems) described by Input Output differential equation or state-space form.

The GPC toolbox enables user to study the properties of the basic algorithm, generating full control actions and incremental predictive algorithm. The toolbox is prepared in two identical versions:

  • version based only on MATLAB scripts
  • version combining Simulink schemes and MATLAB scripts

MATLAB scripts and Simulink schemes make possible to select and to change

  • input parameters of the controller
  • trajectory (desired reference)
  • controlled system
  • magnitude of immeasurable disturbance of the output

The both versions offer a lot of different possibilities of diagnostics of the control process.




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