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Prototype, methodology, f. module, software

Arrowhead 4.1.3 Client on Trenz TEBF0808 + TE0808 04 6EB21A SoM Running Petalinux 2018.2 Kernel with Debian Buster File System

Kohout Lukáš

: ( 2021)

: 8A19009, GA MŠk

: measurement, microprocessor, data acquisition, automation, Linux Debian Buster


(eng): An installation procedure of the Arrowhead client running on the Trenz Electronic TE0808 HW platform (TEBF0808 carrier board with Trenz Electronic TE0808-04-6EB21A System on Module). The procedure covers installation of required dependencies, configuration and compilation of the Arrowhead client. There are two types of the client, the provider of the service and the consumer requesting the service. As the TE0808 HW platform is meant to be a provider of the service, this text aims to describe an installation procedure of the provider type of the client.

: JC

: 20206