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P. Polach

  1. Polach P., Anderle Milan, Zezula Pavel, Papáček ŠtěpánCOMPUTER SIMULATION STUDY OF THE STABILITY OF UNDERACTUATED BIPEDAL ROBOT MODELS (motivated by Griffin and Grizzle, 2017) , ENGINEERING MECHANICS 2023 : 29th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - BOOK OF FULL TEXTS, p. 207-210 , Eds: Radolf V., Zolotarev I., Engineering Mechanics 2023 /29./, (Milovy, CZ, 20230509) [2023] Download
  2. Polach P., Anderle Milan, Papáček ŠtěpánON THE DESIGN AND MODELING OF A TRAINER FOR THE UNDERACTUATED WALKING ROBOT WITHOUT ANKLES , Proceedings of 27/28th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (2022), p. 309-312, The International Conferences ENGINEERING MECHANICS 2022 /27.+28/, (Milovy, CZ, 20220509) [2022] Download DOI: 10.21495/51-2-309
  3. Papáček Štěpán, Polach P., Prokýšek R., Anderle MilanOn a class of biped underactuated robot models with upper body: Sensitivity analysis of the walking performance , Proceedings of the 37th conference on COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS 2022 (CM 2022), p. 99-102, Conference on COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS 2022 (CM 2022) /37./, (Srní, CZ, 20221107) [2022] Download
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