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Conference Paper (international conference)

Experimental dynamic analysis of the arch road bridge

Plachý T., Polák M., Ryjáček P., Talich Milan, Havrlant Jan, Antoš Filip, Litoš J., Macho M., Soukup Lubomír

: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

: 7th World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium, (Praha, CZ, 20210906)

: VI20192022167, GA MV

: arch bridge, road bridge, experimental analysis, modal analysis, natural frequency, radar interferometry

: 10.1088/1755-1315/906/1/012061


(eng): The paper presents an experimental dynamic analysis of the existing road bridge across the Labe river at Valy village in the Czech Republic. The observed structure is a bridge with 6 spans 23.1 m, 31.5 m, 84.0 m, 31.5 m and 23.1 m long. The horizontal load-bearing structure is a composite structure with two main steel girders and a lower reinforced concrete deck. The load-bearing structure is reinforced in the main span by the arch. The experiment was realized in three stages. The first one was performed in May 2020 before its opening, the second stage of the described experiment was realized in August 2020 and the third one was carried out in April 2021. The main purpose of the first stage was to determine in detail the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the whole bridge horizontal load-bearing structure also including the arch. The electrodynamic shaker was used for excitation of the bridge vibration. The measured characteristics of the natural vibration were compared with the calculated ones. Basic objective of the second experiment stage was to verify new approach to dynamic response measurement - radar interferometry realized by two synchronized radars. The vibrations of the bridge caused by the standard road traffic and also by pedestrians were observed concurrently by both radar interferometry and classical approach realized by high sensitive piezoelectric accelerometers. The experiment was focused on the main span of the bridge only and the levels of forced vibration were observed primarily. However, the fundamental natural frequencies were also evaluated. The third stage was carried out by classical approach only. Again, the bridge vibration caused by the usual road traffic and pedestrians were measured in the main bridge span only. Again, the levels of forced vibration were observed and the fundamental natural frequencies were determined. The evaluated natural frequencies from all three experiment stages were consequently compared.

: JM

: 20101