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Conference Paper (international conference)

Probabilistic representation of spatial fuzzy sets

Soukup Lubomír

: Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing, p. 196-205 , Eds: Studený Milan, Ay Nihat, Coletti Giulianella, Kleiter Gernot D., Shenoy Prakash P.

: WUPES 2022: 12th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing, (Kutná Hora, CZ, 20220601)

: fuzzy set theory, probability theory, uncertainty, geographic information system


(eng): Membership function of a given fuzzy set is expressed by probability that a point belongs in the fuzzy set. Such a membership function is derived from probability distribution of points on the boundary of the fuzzy set. Polygonal boundary is considered. Spatial operations (conjunction, disjunction, complement) are defined accordingly. Several application areas are mentioned, namely classification of land cover, cadastral mapping, material quality analysis, interferometric monitoring of bridges.

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: 10201