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DAR centre

Data, algorithms, decision making

The Research Centre DAR is involved in fundamental and applied research in the fields connected with the development of models of uncertain knowledge and their application to systems for computer aided decision making. Global aim of the Centre is to contribute substantially to development of a unified theoretical, algorithmic and software background for solution of real-life problems and to provide tools for decision-making in complex situations based on different sources of knowledge.

The Centre is coordinated by UTIA. The other partners are from

  • West Bohemian University, Faculty of Applied science, Plzeň
  • Technical University, Faculty of Electrical engineering and Communication technologies, Brno
  • University of Ostrava, Institute for the Research and Applications of Fuzzy Models
  • Empo Company, Praha
  • Compureg Company, Plzeň
  • ELTODO, Transport Systems Company, Praha
  • OASA Computers Company, Ostrava
  • DELTAX Systems Company, Praha
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