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Advisory system: optimizing support tool for decision-makers

The algorithmic and software implementation of theory of optimized Bayesian dynamic advising served as a basis for construction of advisory system intended to support the decision-maker.

To customise a particular advisory system, a large sample of historical data taken from managed process is analysed and processed offline. The obtained results are complemented by information about the expected advisory levels and decision-making aims.

A core of the advisory system forms Mixtools package, which has been implemented both: as a toolbox within MATLAB environment and as MATLAB-independent code. The MATLAB-like implementation is intended to serve to research and simulation purposes. Another implementation can be integrated with an existing control and/or monitoring system of the process managed and, thus, can serve to real-time, full-scale application.

The advisory system was implemented and extensively tested on several different case studies: prediction of urban traffic, treatment of thyroid gland carcinoma and fault detection and isolation problem. A real-time, full-scale industrial implementation of the advisory system on cold rolling mills confirmed the generic nature of the tool and illustrated the following key features of the solution:

  • ability to tailor to specific system managed
  • ability to support permanent adaptation
  • ability to follow the best practice available
  • ability to provide the strategy leading to the desired behaviour of system managed
  • ability to cope with multiple decision-making aims
  • ability to control the information load on the decision-maker (the techniques forming the core of advisory system are hidden from the decision-maker and advices are presented in easy-to-understand graphical form)

The system and its core Mixtools package are permanently innovated and improved. For the latest version, please, contact M. Kárný.


M. Kárný 

Support of grants

  • Dynamic clustering: theory, algorithms and software, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic CR No. 102/03/0049, 2002-2005
  • Dynamic clustering for control of complex processes, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic No. S1075351, 2002-2005

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