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Nuclear Safety

Assessment of radiological impact of accidental and normal radioactive releases on population. Application of multi-pathway transport model for regulation of normal atmospheric radioactive discharges from nuclear facilities. Advance from deterministic assessment of radiological consequences of radioactive releases into atmosphere toward the probabilistic approach.

Adaptation of techniques enables progress from former deterministic calculations towards the generation of probabilistic answers on assessment questions. Uncertainties of input parameters are taking into account and their propagation through the mathematical model is treated. Adopted scheme of Monte Carlo modeling uses stratified sampling procedure LHS. Uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis techniques are used to classify the extent of the uncertainty on predicted consequences and rank of particular input parameters according to their influence on radiological endpoint values.

Development of the proper sequential data assimilation techniques for corrections of model predictions on basis of observed (measured) values in terrain. Verification of various minimization algorithms with regard to complex task of radionuclide propagation into the living environment. Cooperation on development of interactive user friendly program tool customized for conditions of nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic for support of decision making during nuclear emergencies.


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