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Historical publications of AS department

V. Peterka, J. Krýže, and A. Fořtová. Numerical solution of Wiener-Hopf equation in statistical identification of linear dynamic systems. Kybernetika, 2:331-346, 1966. Download.

V. Peterka and S. Bláha. Synthesis of regulation loops according to quadratic criterion. Kybernetika, 1:127-143, 1966. Download.

V. Peterka. New approach to identification of discrete systems. Kybernetika, 4:113-135, 1968. Download.

V. Peterka. Use of pseudo-random signals for identification of dynamic systems. Kybernetika, 5:406-421, 1969. Download.

A.V. Balakrishnan and V. Peterka. Identification in automatic control systems. pages 1-43. 1969. Download.

V. Peterka. Tally... In Preprints of the 2nd IFAC Symposium on Identification and Process Parameter Estimation, page paper ... Prague, 1970. Download.

V. Peterka. On steady-state minimum variance control strategy. Kybernetika, 8:219-231, 1972. Download.

V. Peterka. A square-root filter for real-time multivariable regression. Kybernetika, 11:53-67, 1975. Download.

V. Peterka. Experience accumulation for decision making in multivariate time series. volume 7, pages 143-159. Laxenburg, 1978. Download.

V. Peterka and M. Kárný. Bayesian system classification. In Preprints of the 5th IFAC Symposium on Identification and System Parameter Estimation, volume 1, pages 349-356. Darmstadt, 1979. Download.

V. Peterka. Bayesian system identification. In Preprints of the 5th IFAC Symposium on Identification and System Parameter Estimation, volume 1, pages 99-114. Darmstadt, 1979. Download.

V. Peterka. Real-time parameter estimation and output prediction for ARMA-type system models. Kybernetika, 17:526-533, 1981. Download.

V. Peterka. Bayesian approach to system identification. pages 1-80. 1981. Download.

J. Böhm and M. Kárný. Self-tuning regulators with restricted inputs. Kybernetika, 18(6):529-544, 1982. Download.

R. Kulhavý and M. Kárný. Tracking of slowly varying parameters by directional forgetting. In Preprints of the 9th IFAC World Congress, volume X, pages 178-183. Budapest, 1984. Download.

J. Böhm, A. Halousková, M. Kárný, and V. Peterka. Simple LQ self-tuning controllers. In Preprints of 9th IFAC World Congress, volume VII, pages 171-176. Budapest, 1984. Download.

V. Peterka. Algorithms for LQG self-tuning control based on input-output delta models. In Proc. of 2nd IFAC Workshop on Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing, pages 13-18. Lund, Sweden, 1986. Download.

R. Kulhavý. Restricted exponential forgetting in real-time identification. Automatica, 23(5):589-600, 1987. Download.

V. Peterka. Self-tuning control with alternative sets of uncertain process models. In Proc. of IFAC Symposium on Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing, pages 409-414. Glasgow, UK, 1989. Download.

R. Kulhavý and E. Kliokys. Tracking of time-varying parameters in delta models. Problems of Control and Information Theory, 28(2):107-123, 1989. Download.

E. Kliokys and R. Kulhavý. Bayesian filtering for discrete-time systems with random structure. In IFAC Symposium Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, pages 611-615. Glasgow, 1989. Download.

J. Böhm, M. Kárný, and R. Kulhavý. Practically-oriented LQ self-tuners. In Preprints of the IFAC Workshop on Evaluation of Adaptive Control Strategies in Industrial Applications. Tbilisi, 1989. Download.

V. Peterka. Predictive and LQG optimal control: equivalences, differences and improvements. In D.Henrichsen and B.Mårtenson, editors, Proc. of an Int. Workshop on Control of Uncertain Systems, pages 221 - 244. Birkhäuser, Boston - Basel - Berlin, 1990. Download.

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