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Linear Systems

Despite of huge progress in intelligent control, neural networks, fuzzy and nonlinear control, and other parts of control theory, the methods of linear control still remain a basis the other theories are compared with. Linear models have proved to be a relatively easy but powerful tool that has been successfully applied to many problems at work, and which has reached a high level of development during the last decades.

The lectures on linear systems and control also form a core of university courses devoted to systems theory and control. Nevertheless, the existing open problems show that there is still room for further growth and improvement of existing methods and inventing new approaches and methods.

The main goal of these studies is to contribute to the development of new methods and algorithms for the analysis and synthesis of linear control systems (with constant parameters and with or without time delays). An important vehicle for meeting the goal is the exploitation of numerous theoretical works of the recent period, for example our own contributions pertaining to the problems of matrix completions of polynomial matrices.


P. Zagalak
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