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ASSISLT - Automated Software System in Speech-language Therapy

Bílková Zuzana, Novozámský Adam, Dominec Adam, Zitová Barbara, Greško Šimon, Paroubková Markéta

: PAN-EUROPEAN VOICE CONFERENCE 2019 Voicing Science and Experience, p. 13-13 , Eds: Iwarsson Jenny, Thorsen Stine Løvind

: PAN-EUROPEAN VOICE CONFERENCE, (Copenhagen, DK, 20190827)

: TJ01000181, GA TA ČR

: speech therapy, image processing, artificial intelligence

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2019/ZOI/zitova-0519122.pdf

(eng): The aim of our project is to create a software system to support speech therapy for adults and children with inborn and acquired motor speech disorders. The system focuses on individual treatment using exercises that improve tongue motion and thus articulation. The system offers an adjustable set of exercises recommended by a therapist, motivation by augmented reality, performance evaluation of therapeutic movements, and session archivation.

: JC

: 10201