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Velké říjnové soft-computingové rokování 2021

Date of event

VŘSR is a traditional workshop sequentially organized by colleagues from UTIA, IRAFM Ostrava University, and UI. The meeting is focused mainly on the presentation of fresh (inter) results of participating doctoral students and their subsequent discussion in a wider plenary of experienced science matadors. Contributions traditionally come from different areas of uncertainty processing. The seminar is organized in a beautiful town Telč  - inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in hotel Antoň.

Typical examples are

  • fuzzy modeling,
  • fuzzy transformations and approximations,
  • probabilistic models (conditional independence models, graphical models, Bayesian networks, models based on coherence principles),
  • possibilistic theory,
  • fuzzy logic,
  • models based on belief functions,
  • game theory,
  • decision making.


The working nature of the meeting is based on the fact that contributions from other areas presenting new issues often lead to inspiring ideas and fruitful discussion. Contributions presenting promising, albeit unfinished, results are warmly welcomed.

Useful information

  • Date: November 5 - November 7, 2021 (Friday - Sunday).
  • Registration deadline: 27th October 2021. Either via email to Vaclav Kratochvil or via conference webpage. Please specify how long you want to stay, the title of your talk and its preferred length.
  • Location: The workshop takes place in Telč in the Czech republic in the beautiful area of Czech Highland.
  • Presentation: Each participant is invited to give a presentation in duration of approximately 30 minutes.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in the hotel, including full board.
  • More information: can be found at the conference webpage


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