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Doc. Ing. Jiří Outrata, DrSc.

senior research fellow
Research interests
Optimization theory
Publications ÚTIA

Ph.D. graduates:


Invited (plenary) talks

  • Frontiers of Stochastic Optimization and its Applications in Industry,Weierstrass Institute Berlin, May 2023
  • Workshop on Nonsmooth Optimization, Special Semester on Optimization, Linz, Austria, November 2019
  • Colloquium dedicated to the 70th birthday of Boris Mordukhovich, Halle, Germany, July 2018
  • Annual Meeting of the Schwerpunktprogramm 1962, Kremmen, Germany, October 2017
  • Lecture in honor of Prof. E. Cech, Mathematical Institute Prague, Czech Republic, December 2016
  • International Workshop "Variational Analysis and Applications", Erice, Italy, August 2015
  • South Pacific Optimization Meeting, Newcastle, Australie, February 2013
  • Czech - German - Slovak Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economy and Industry, Berlin, Germany, June 2012
  • International Conference on Variational Analysis and Applications, Erice, Italy, May 2012
  • 3rd Latin American Conference on Optimization and Control, Valparaiso, Chile, January 2012
  • International Symposium on Generalized Convexity and Monotononicity, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, August 2 2011
  • Parametric Optimization and Related Topics X, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 2010
  • Czech - German - Slovak Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economy and Industry, Budweiss, Czech Republic, July 2010
  • European Conference on Operational Research, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2007
  • 5th Ballarat Workshop on Global and Non-Smooth Optimization: Theory, Mehods and Applications , Ballarat, Australia, November 2006
  • International Conference on Nonlinear Programming and Variational Inequalities, Hong Kong, December 1998


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