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Interactive Power Devices for Efficiency in Automotive with Increased Reliability and Safety

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The overall objective is to develop advanced packaging for power supply components and new generation memory systems having application on Electric and ICE propelled vehicles.
One of the main challenges of the introduction of the electronic systems in the automotive, in particular for electrified vehicles, is the reliability and the availability of the power supply systems, which must assure the functionality to all the subsystems. In this context the packaging of the supply systems play a crucial role and efforts needs to be dedicated to improve the thermal performances of them. On the other side the control systems which relies on multi-core microcontroller and complex software architectures, are requiring increasingly stringent constraints from the memory devices which needs to be designed for very high bandwidth,
speed and reliability.
The key objective is the enhancement of the power train platform to ensure the thermal performance and the reliability requirements in particular vs. thermal & power cycles and life time.
Another key objective is to develop a new memory system specifically designed for the aggressive requirements as required for the control systems of advanced ICE or Electrically propelled vehicles. Main requirements will be
a very high bandwidth to ensure a fast access for real-time operation with concurrent access to allow the usage of multi-core processor, coupled with very high safety requirements, and additional legacy interface to permit the
In-System Programming, and a very high robustness for the automotive environment.

JU Grant agreement No.: 304603

Call: ENIAC-2011-2

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