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Previous grants and projects

Our department worked on many grants and projects so far. On this page you can find a list of them.

Grant Leader From Till
Solution of Modelling and Algorithmic Problems of Bayesian Estimation in Nuclear Medicine and Dosimetry of Ionising Radiation Ladislav Jirsa 2000 2003
Shell International Donation no. C9993079/00/021297 for a two month visit to the U.S.A., incl. presentation at the 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control Ferdinand Kraffer 2000 2003
Návrh počítačového modulu pro informační analýzu časových řad odezev autonomních proteinových systémů - MIAPS (IGA MZCR) Jiří Knížek 2001 2003
Identifikace modelů s poruchou na výstupu Miroslav Kárný 2001 2003
Řešení modelovacích úloh a algoritmických problémů bayesovského odhadování v nukleární medicíně a dozimetrii ionizujícího záření Ladislav Jirsa 2000 2003
Nové směry lineárního řízení Petr Zagalák 2001 2003
Nelineární odhadování a detekce změn stochastických systémů Rudolf Kulhavý 2001 2003
Hybrid Self-Tuning Controller Tatiana Guy 2000 2003
Algorithms and Implementation of Self-tuning Multivariate Controllers Josef Bohm 1999 2002
Decision-support tool for complex industrial processes based on probabilistic data clustering Miroslav Kárný 1999 2002
Redundant Parallel Robots and their Control Josef Bohm 1999 2002
Research and Education Center in Adaptive Systems: a pilot project, RECiAS Miroslav Kárný 1999 2001
Fault Detection and Isolation - Cooperation with Slovenia Miroslav Kárný 1998 2001
Decision-support tool for complex industrial processes based on probabilistic data clustering Miroslav Kárný 1998 2001
Algebro-geometric methods for polynomial matrix operations with applications in control system design Ferdinand Kraffer 1999 2001
Geometric methods in algebraic theory implementation to multivariable systems Ferdinand Kraffer 1999 2001
Co-operation on localization of RODOS systém Petr Pecha 2000 2001
Bayesian approximate recursive identification and on-line adaptive control of Markov chains with high order and large state space Hong Gao 1998 2000
Influence of biophysical factors on thyroid cancer treatment Miroslav Kárný 1998 2000
New approach to optimality and adaptivity of uncertain systems Miroslav Kárný 1997 1999
Enhancement of the EU decision support system RODOS and its customisation for use in Eastern Europe Petr Nedoma 1997 1999
Adaptive systems: theory, algorithms and software for practice Petr Nedoma 1997 1999
Adaptive dynamic elements and their connections for dynamic decision making under uncertainty Miroslav Kárný 1996 1998
Global approximation of model in recursive Bayesian parameter estimation Rudolf Kulhavý 1995 1997
Modeling of transitive economy using short time series Rudolf Kulhavý 1996 1997
Qualitative and analytical model based fault detection for chemical processes Rudolf Kulhavý 1994 1997
Adaptive and predictive control with physical constraints Josef Bohm 1994 1997
Efficient method of non-linear recursive estimation: theoretical background and application to selected models Rudolf Kulhavý 1994 1996
Micro-controller framed innovative technology: Instruments for adaptive process control J. Maršík 1993 1996
Objective evaluation of data measured for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in nuclear medicine Miroslav Kárný 1994 1996
Quality assurance for processing of data measured for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in nuclear medicine Miroslav Kárný 1994 1996
Computer aided engineering for pretuning of sophisticated computer control of technological processes Miroslav Kárný 1993 1995
Design of multivariate adaptive control Miroslav Kárný 1993 1995
Central European Graduate School in Systems and Control Theory Miroslav Kárný 1994 1995
Finite-dimensional approximation of recursive Bayesian parameter estimation Rudolf Kulhavý 1993 1995
Microprocessor based innovating technology: Adaptive controllers of industrial processes J. Maršík 1993 1995
Microprocessor-oriented innovative technologies: Hardware for adaptive control of technological processes J. Maršík 1993 1995
Parallel programming system and architectures with application to CAD of control systems Petr Nedoma 1993 1995
Practical aspects of self tuning controllers: algorithms and implementation Josef Bohm 1994 1995
Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Thematic Term on Linear Algebra and Applica- tions to Control Theory, Centro Internacional de Matematica (Fundacao da Universidade de Lisboa) Ferdinand Kraffer
Customisation of RODOS system for Czech Republic Petr Pecha
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