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Tatiana Valentine Guy

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Miroslav Kárný

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Dominika Smolková

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The Department of Adaptive Systems focuses predominantly on the design of decision-making systems, which modify their behavior according to the changing properties of their environment. This essential ability – adaptivity – enhances their efficiency. Decades of research have brought a number of conceptual, theoretical, algorithmic, software and application results. The applicability of adaptive systems is currently being extended toward complex scenarios by improving the classical adaptive systems and by developing their new versions.

The departmental “know-how” serves to resolve national as well as international research projects, running in collaboration with industry and government agencies. The interplay between theory and limited computing power is the common issue linking the various project domains. They include traffic control, management and control of technological systems, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, analysis of financial data, electronic democracy, etc. The increasing complexity of the problems addressed directs the main stream of the research toward decentralized control of large-scale systems and normative decision-making with multiple participants.


Last events:

The project proposal "Bayesian regularization and inference for linear and bilinear models" by Ondřej Tichý was successfull and was awarded by the postdoctoral grant by The Czech Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!
Ondřej Tichý from Adaptive Systems has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Bayesian Blind Source Separation in Dynamic Medical Imaging". Congratulation!

Ondřej Tichý a Václav Šmídl have been awarded the first prize in the Best UTIA Paper competition for their paper:

  • Tichý Ondřej, Šmídl Václav: Bayesian Blind Separation and Deconvolution of Dynamic Image Sequences Using Sparsity Priors. IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging, vol. 34, no. 1, January 2015

Lubomír Bakule has been awarded the third place for the paper:

  • Bakule Lubomír: Decentralized control: Status and outlook. Annual Reviews in Control 38 (2014) 71-80. 

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