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WUPES'06 - Papers

7thWorkshop on Uncertainty Processing


Mikulov, Czech Republic
16 - 20th September, 2006


Bonafede, C. E.
Giudici, P.
Bayesian networks for enterprise risk asessment: application to the one parent case.
Capotorti, A.
Formisano, A.
PreC (Preference Cruncher): a prototypical tool to deal with partial preference orders and qualitative uncertainty.
Cinicioglu, E. M.
Shenoy, P. P.
Solving stochastic PERT networks exactly using hybrid Bayesian networks.
Coletti, G.
Mastroleo, M.
Conditional belief functions: a comparison among different definitions.
Daniel, M. What is hybrid DSm rule for combination of belief functions?
Janžura M. On the connection between marginal problem, statistical estimation, and Mobius formula
Kahle, T.
Ay, N.
Support sets of distributions with given interaction order.
Kleiter, G. D. Ordering and counting essential graphs.
Kramosil, I. Decision-making under uncertainty based on rank reducible posssibilistic measures.
Kroupa, T. Geometry of the set of probabilities dominated by a possibility measure.
Matúš. F. Optimality Conditions for Maximizers of the Information Divergence from an Exponential Family.
Paz, A. A New Graphical Model for the Representation of Marginalized DAG Representable PD Induced Relations.
Pfeifer, N.
Kleiter, G. D.
Is human reasoning with nonmonotonic conditionals probabilistically coherent?
Šimeček, P. Independence Models and Structure Learning.
Vantaggi, B. A note on nonsymmetric independence models.
Vencovska, A.
Binary Induction and Carnap's Continuum.


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