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Journal Article

Digital Material Appearance: the Curse of Tera-Bytes

Haindl Michal, Filip Jiří, Vávra Radomír

: ERCIM News vol.2012, 90 (2012), p. 49-50

: LG11009, GA MŠk, GA102/08/0593, GA ČR, GAP103/11/0335, GA ČR, 360/2009, CESNET

: surface material appearance, BTF modelling, visual texture

: material appearance the curse of tera-bytes.pdf

(eng): Real surface material visual appearance is a highly complex physical phenomenon which intricately depends on incident and reflected spherical angles, time, light spectrum and other physical variables. The best current measurable representation of a material appearance requires tens of thousands of images using a sophisticated high precision automatic measuring device. This results in a huge amount of data which can easily reach tens of tera-bytes for a single measured material. Nevertheless, these data have insufficient spatial extent for any real virtual reality applications and have to be further enlarged using advanced modelling techniques. In order to apply such expensive and massive measurements to a car interior design, for instance, we would need at least 20 such demanding material measurements.

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