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Journal Article

Introduction to the Special Theme Image Understanding

Haindl Michal, Kittler J.

: ERCIM News vol.95, 95 (2013), p. 9-9

: LG11009, GA MŠk

: image understanding, visual information recognition


(eng): Vision is the most important sense on which the majority of organisms depend for life. Scene reflectance properties in various spectral bands provide invaluable information about an object’s characteristics, including its shape, material, temperature, illumination and dynamism. This information, however, is very difficult to capture with an electronic device. A real visual scene to be captured is subject to variable illumination as well as variable observation conditions. Furthermore, single objects of interest can be partially occluded or shaded, may be positioned at various distances from the capturing device, data can be noisy and / or incomplete; thus successful interpretation of imaging sensor data requires sophisticated and complex analytical methods and computing power.

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