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Conference Paper (international conference)

Scintigrapghic quantification of lymphatic function: Bayesian inference on diffusion dynamics

Gebouský Petr, Kárný Miroslav, Quinn A.

: Advances in Supervision and Control Systems, Young Generation Viewpoint, p. 31-38 , Eds: Rakar A.

: Jožef Stefan Institute, (Ljubljana 2002)

: International PhD Workshop /3./, (Strunjan, SI, 01.10.2002-04.10.2002)

: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

: GA102/99/1564, GA ČR, NO6458, GA MZd

: signal processing, decision making, model identification

(eng): Scintigraphy is a sensitive technique in nuclear medicine for limb lymphatic system investigation. Typically, two or three snapshots of the distribution of tracer in the limb can be obtained, so that traditional inferences of important physiological indicators are completely unreliable. In the paper, the Bayesian paradigm, exploiting available prior information in conjunction with a simplified model of the diffusion dynamics, is used to obtain new reliable quantitative evaluations applicable under routine.

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