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Lymphoscintigraphy of Upper Limbs: A Bayesian Framework

Gebouský Petr, Kárný Miroslav, Quinn A.

: Bayesian Statistics 7, p. 543-552 , Eds: Bernardo J. M., Bayarri M. J., Berger J. O.

: University Press, (Oxford 2003)

: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

: GA102/99/1564, GA ČR, IBS1075102, GA AV ČR, NC7601, GA MZd

: Bayesian estimation, dynamic model identification, quantitative lymphoscintigraphy

(eng): Lymphoscintigraphy is a diagnostic technique in nuclear medicine used for the investigation of upper limb lymphedema. Typically, only 2 or 3 snapshots of the distribution of radio-tracer in the limb can be obtained. Hence, traditional inferences of important physiological indicators are completely unreliable. The Bayesian paradigm, exploiting available prior information in conjunction with a simplified model of the diffusion dynamics, is used to obtain reliable quantitative evaluations here.

(cze): Aplikace pravděpodobnostních směsí, systém Mixtools

: 06Y, 12B

: BO