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Journal Article

A FEM approximation of a two-phase obstacle problem and its a posteriori error estimate

Bozorgnia F., Valdman Jan

: Computers & Mathematics With Applications vol.73, 3 (2017), p. 419-432

: GF16-34894L, GA ČR, 7AMB16AT015, GA MŠk

: A free boundary problem, A posteriori error analysis, Finite element method

: 10.1016/j.camwa.2016.11.037


(eng): This paper is concerned with the two-phase obstacle problem, a type of a variational free boundary problem. We recall the basic estimates of Repin and Valdman (2015) and verify them numerically on two examples in two space dimensions. A solution algorithm is proposed for the construction of the finite element approximation to the two-phase obstacle problem. The algorithm is not based on the primal (convex and nondifferentiable) energy minimization problem but on a dual maximization problem formulated for Lagrange multipliers. The dual problem is equivalent to a quadratic programming problem with box constraints. The quality of approximations is measured by a functional a posteriori error estimate which provides a guaranteed upper bound of the difference of approximated and exact energies of the primal minimization problem. The majorant functional in the\nupper bound contains auxiliary variables and it is optimized with respect to them to provide a sharp upper bound.

: BA

: 10102