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Conference Paper (international conference)

A Note on Optimal Value of Loans

Kaňková Vlasta

: 34th International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics, p. 371-376 , Eds: Kocourek A., Vavroušek M.

: MME 2016. International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics /34./, (Liberec, CZ, 06.09.2016-09.09.2016)

: GA15-10331S, GA ČR

: Loan, debtor, installments, multistage stochastic programming


(eng): People try to gain (in the last decades) own residence (a flat or a little house). Since young people do not posses necessary financial resources, bank sector offers them a mortgage. Of course, the aim of any bank is to profit from such a transaction. Therefore, according to their possibilities, the banks employ excellent experts to analyze the financial situation of potenitial clients. Consequently, the banks know what could be a maximal size of the loan (in dependence on the debtor's position, salary and age) and what is reasonable size of installments. The aim of this contribution is to analyze the situation from the second size. In particular, the aim is to investgate the possibilities of the debtors not only on the dependence on their present - day situation, but also on their future private and subjective decisions and on possible “unpleasant” events. Moreover, consequently according to these indexes, the aim of this contribution is to suggest a method for a recognition of a “safe” loan and simultaneously to offer tactics to state a suitable environment for future time.The stochastic programming theory will be employed to it.

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