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Prototype, methodology, f. module, software

System Software Extension

Zitová Barbara, Bouchner P., Kulich M., Horák K., Šroubek Filip, Kamenický Jan, Novozámský Adam, Tůma O., Přeučil L., Novotný S.

: ( 2022)

: TN01000024, GA TA ČR

: artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, cooperative transport systems, assistive driving


(eng): The sub-project NCK KUI T2.b focuses on the use of artificial intelligence methods in the field of traffic systems, in particular in simulation systems and related support tools. The developed software system stack offers software support for complex tasks related to the design of efficient transport/transport systems, their coordination, selection of the right partial solutions and evaluation of the performance of vehicles and their drivers. This result builds on its 2020 predecessor by adding new functionalities.

: JC

: 10201