Institute of Information Theory and Automation

CSKI seminar: Stochastic Robust (Anisotropy-based) Control Theory: Past, Present, and Future

Lecturer: Dr. Ing. Alexander Kurdyukov
Institute: Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, RAS
Date and time: 11.09.2012 - 15:00
Room: 3
Department: Adaptive Systems (AS)


The background and main results of the stochastic robust anisotropy-based optimal control theory will be briefly discussed. The take-off points for these considerations are the ideas of Igor Vladimirov in the area of linear discrete time invariant control systems.

In a sense, the anisotropy-based theory is a fusion of some ideas in information theory and control design. The position of this theory discussed here in modern control will be pointed. Several new results in the stochastic robust control theory will be presented, such as suboptimal theory, the theory for descriptor systems, etc. Open problems will be formulated.

Dr. Ing. Alexander Kurdyukov
Head of the Laboratory 1, Laboratory of Dynamics of Control Systems
Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences
Russian Academy of Sciences
Profsoyuznaya st. 65
117997 Moscow
Russian Federation


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Institute of Information Theory and Automation