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Modeling vague quantifiers in mathematical fuzzy logic

Project leader: Carles Noguera, Ph.D.
Department: MTR
Supported by (ID): 1897-N25
Grantor: Foreign Grantor
Type of project: theoretical
Duration: 2015 - 2017
Publications at UTIA: list


The main aim of the project is to deepen and extend the mathematical foundations for adequate modeling of vague quantifiers as fuzzy quantifiers in the framework of MFL. We will examine previous results on fuzzy quantifiers from this new perspective and extend them in several ways by considering formalisms and results of MFL, including H'ajek's fuzzy probability logic, general two-level syntax modal logics, first-order fuzzy quantification, higher-order formalisms, algebraic and game-theoretic semantics, and automated reasoning techniques. This innovative approach is not only expected to provide new usefulmathematical models for reasoning with vague quanti ers, but it will also stimulate the development of MFL itself by introducing further distinct families of deductive systems. The project will join two teams, based in Austria and the Czech Republic, with a long history of mutual cooperation in related topics, profiting from complementary expertise and skill.
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