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Annual workshop on Stochastics Informatics and Decision Making (Alšovice 2023)

Date of event

Workshop on Stochastics Informatics and Decision Making  - known as Alšovice according to the traditional venue of many of the first meetings - is an annual workshop organized by members of the Department of Stochastic Informatics of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is an informal meeting of people interested in various information and decision-making theories topics.

Useful information

  • Date: June 07 - June 09, 2023 (Wednesday - Friday).
  • Registration deadline: 15th May 2023. Either via email to Karel Vrbenský or via Google Forms. Please specify how long you want to stay, the title of your talk, and its preferred length.
  • Location: The workshop takes place in Penzion Na Prachárně  (Hřešislavy) in the Czech Republic in the beautiful valley of the Berounka River, surrounded by Křivoklát forests,  with a wonderful view of the national nature reserve Chlumská stráň.
  • Presentation: Each participant is invited to give a presentation in duration of approximately 30 minutes.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in the guest house, including full board.


Wednesday (Chair: Antonín Otáhal)

  • 14:00 Petr Tichavský: Modeling functions of N variables
  • 14:30 Jan Niklas Latz: Monotone Duality of Interacting Particle Systems
  • 15:00 Jan Swart: Monotone cellular automata
  • 16:00 Zdeněk Fabián: Scalrar-valued functions and their use
  • 16:30 Michal Bartoš: Continuous image representation using neural networks
  • 17:00 Jan Blažek: Vizuální kontrola jaderného paliva a digitální zpracování obrazu
  • 17:30 Václav Kratochvíl: Graphical models of belief functions

Thursday (Chair: Lukáš Vácha)

  • 8:30 Iván Leonardo Pérez Cabrera: On the identifiability of BN2A models
  • 9:00 Marouan Handa: Sparse polynomial optimization for minimum compliance frame structures
  • 9:30 Radim Jiroušek: On the relation of graphical and compositional belief function models
  • 10:30 Martin Šmíd: Rizikově averzní dynamické programování
  • 11:00 Silvia Carpitella: Occupational stress in high-risk environments: causes, impacts, and mitigation strategies
  • 11:30 Jiří Vomlel: Structural Learning of Mixed Noisy-OR Bayesian Networks

Friday (Chair: Jiří Vomlel)

  • 9:00 Lukáš Vácha: Time-Varying Persistence of Economic Variables
  • 9:30 Jozef Baruník: "I have got the power." Asymmetric Relationships in the Gilt Markets
  • 10:30 Luboš Hanus: TBA
  • 11:00 Jiří Kukačka: Moment Set Selection for the SMM Using Simple Machine Learning
  • 11:30 František Čech: Quantile Treasury Futures Pricing


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