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Although UTIA is not a university, it is engaged in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education. Many researchers from UTIA give university courses and act as supervisors of Ph.D students.

UTIA provides training for approximately 70 doctoral students in cooperation with the universities below. The Institute has achieved a joint accreditation license for organizing post-graduate study programs with the following faculties:

Doctoral studies at the Institute have been developing quickly as a promising direction of mutually advantageous cooperation between the Academy of Sciences and various universities. All students interested in taking their doctoral studies at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation are encouraged to contact the representatives of the Institute; they will be provided with more detailed information and answers to their questions concerning such studies.

UTIA is also active on the highest level of scientific education. It is a seat of the Committee for the defence of DSc. Theses in Computer Science and Cybernetics during years. The DSc. (Doctor of Science) degree is the highest scientific degree praised by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic since 2003.

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