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RNDr. Jan Blažek, Ph.D.

research fellow
Research interests
Nuclear energetics, nuclear fuel inspection, Mulitmodal data processing, artificial intelligence,
neural networks, genetic algorithms
Publications ÚTIA

Projects with CVŘ:

During years 2019-2021 we were successful in starting some projects with the department of material research in Center of Research Řež, which generates two patents where ÚTIA has a share:

  • PV 2021-549 Metoda měření deformace palivového souboru pomocí digitálního zpracování obrazu z videozáznamů
  • PV 2022-289 Zařízení k přesnému 3D měření rozměrů a opotřebení komponent jaderných elektráren

In 2022 we presented our solution for visual fuel inspection as invited talk at conference: EPRI - AI and Electric Power Summit (Enabling the Energy Transformation).

The cooperation continues with other projects.

PhD students:

  • Tomáš Karella (since 2020) - Image processing for material research in nucelar ennergetics
  • Jaroslav Knotek (since 2022) - Pattern recognition in material research in nuclear energetics

Diploma theses (finalized):

  • Matyáš Lamprecht (2022) - Sequential analysis of transaction data
  • Ondřej Novák (2022) - Registration and determination of deformed point cloud errors
  • Jan Palášek (2021) - Detection of grids on nuclear fuel set images
  • Adam Harmanec (2021) - Registration of images of nuclear fuel assembly
  • Jaroslav Knotek (2020) - Automation of nuclear fuel visual inspection
  • Jakub Tuček (2019) - CLI for grid network MetaCentrum
  • Hubert Kindermann (2014) - Optical Character Recognition at Camera Captured Images
  • Radek Fürbach (2013) - Methods for Localization of Image Differences in Different Modalities of Paintings

Bachelor theses (finalized):

  • Adam Harmanec (2019) - Traffic sign classification by deep learning
  • Petr Bambušek (2015) - Agent for playing Texas Hold’em poker
  • Lukáš Machalík (2015) - Application for on-line tracking of racers during a race
  • Jakub Hajič (2014) - Extracting Control Points from Image Pairs for Perspective Transformation
  • Jiří Mareš (2012) - Classification of earth colours
  • Hubert Kindermann (2011) - Character recognition of machine-written documents


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