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AS seminar: Monitoring of industrial systems: about the ProDiSMon

2013-06-10 11:00

The new date will be announced soon.


Industrial plants are complex structures of components that may also be represented by other structures. Each unit can operate in either functional or faulty state which can or cannot be directly determined. The influence of a particular unit on the overall plant performance varies according to the position and importance in the system structure. Malfunction of a unit can generally negatively influence overall performance of the plant, even can cause the process failure. The consequences (useless products, material waste, repair delays) can be costly. Even hidden faults can negatively influence proper operation. The project aims in monitoring particular plant units, modelling unit interactions, evaluating overall system operation status and pointing out actual or potential problems within the plant structure in the framework of hierarchical evaluation, probabilistic approach and modular architecture. The approaches and methods will be presented and discussed in the seminar.

2013-06-07 11:24