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Linear Inversion Methods

This page contains algorithm for linear inversion.

Least Square with Adaptive Prior Covariance (LS-APC) algorithm

This algorithm is published in GMD in paper titled "LS-APC v1.0: a tuning-free method for the linear inverse problem and its application to source-term determination" and can be downloaded here.

Multi-nuclide source term estimation algorithm

The algorithm submitted to QJRMS as the paper "Source term estimation of multi-specie atmospheric release of radiation from gamma dose rates" can be downloaded here.


Sparse Bayesian Learning methods for high-dimensional data

A set of algorithms (presented at ICIPE 2017) in paper "Comparison of sparse Bayesian regularization methods for high-dimensional inverse problem" can be downloaded here.


An Adaptive Correlated Image Prior for Image Restoration Problems

Matlab implementation of the proposed ACP algorithm and other tested VB algorithms in the IEEE Signal Processing Letters paper "An Adaptive Correlated Image Prior for Image Restoration Problems" can be downloaded here

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