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ALMARVI - Algorithms, Design Methods, and Many-Core Execution Platform for Low-Power Massive Data-Rate Video and Image Processing

Project leader: Ing. Jiří Kadlec, CSc.
Department: ZOI ZS
Supported by (ID): 7H14004
Grantor: Foreign Grantor
Type of project: theoretical, applicational
Duration: 2014 - 2017
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ALMARVI project targets low-power adaptive platform solution for healthcare, smart phone and security industries which are as part of big societal challenges affordable healthcare and wellbeing and green and safe transportation. ALMARVI aims at providing cross-domain many-core platform solution, system software stack, tool chain, and adaptive algorithms that will enable massive data-rate image/video processing with high energy efficiency. ALMARVI will provide mechanisms and support for high degree of adaptivity at various system layers that will abstract the variations in the underlying platforms (e.g., due to imperfections in the fabrication process), communication channels (e.g., available bandwidth), application behaviour (dynamic workloads, changing requirements) from the application developer. This is crucial for providing consistent performance efficiency in an interoperable manner when considering heterogeneous platform options and dynamic operating conditions. The key is to leverage image/video content-specific properties, application-specific features, and inherent resilience properties of image/video processing applications.

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Grant agreement number: 621439
Call: ARTEMIS-2013-1

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