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ASSISLT - Automated Software System in Speech-language Therapy

Project leader: Mgr. Zuzana Bílková, Ing. Adam Novozámský, Ph.D., Doc. RNDr. Barbara Zitová, Ph.D.
Department: ZOI
Supported by (ID): TJ01000181
Grantor: Technology Agency ČR
Type of project: applicational
Duration: 2018 - 2019
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The aim of our project is to create a software system to support speech therapy for adults and children with inborn and acquired motor speech disorders. The planned system focuses on individual treatment using exercises that improve tongue motion and thus articulation. The system will offer adjustable set of exercises recommended by a therapist, motivation by using augmented reality, evaluation of the performance of therapeutic movements, and session archivation. It will allow the therapist to evaluate the schedule and progress of the treatment. Linking the tongue movement and characters in a computer game will motivate children. The basic component of the system is the module evaluating the tongue motion based on image data from a commercially available camera.

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