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Ing. Adam Novozámský, Ph.D.

Research interests: 
Digital image processing and image forgery detection; Medical imaging; Videokymography; Wireless Capsule Endoscopy;
Publications ÚTIA: 

Adam Novozámský received the M.Sc. degree in information theory from the Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic in 2010 and at the same university he received his Ph.D. degree from computer science. Currently he is as podoctoral associate with the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Curriculum-Vitae: here

PhD dissertation: here

Supervized diploma theses:

  • Roman Staněk (2020-2021 CUNI-MFF) - System for automatic size and type control of cars rims
  • Kajetán Poliak (2020-2021 CTU-FNSPE) - Hand pose estimation during car driving
  • Adam Novotný (2020-2021 CTU-FNSPE) - Satellite data analysis using machine learning methods  
  • Dominik Vít (2019-2020 CTU-FNSPE) - Automated visual inspection system for a car engine space

Supervised bachelor theses:

  • Markéta Machalová (2020-2021 CUNI-MFF) - Detection of Varroa destructor using computer vision
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