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Current projects:

Car transport: Fuel consumption optimization

This research project aims at optimization of fuel consumption both from the economical and ecological points of view.



Ecology of driving

The project aims at creation an advisory system for drivers of vehicles or other transportation means. The advisory system will measure the traffic variables and in dependence on them it will evaluate the ecological quality of driving. The advisory system will be based on a cluster model describing the data space. In this space, the data vectors are represented by points. The model describes and evaluates the point cluster that represent individual working regimes. According to the evaluation of these clusters, the quality of driving is assigned.


Estimation of Vehicle Trajectory during GPS Signal Outages Based on Inertial Sensor Data

The aim of joint project under the research centre DAR   is to refine the information about the moving vehicle position obtained from global positioning system (GPS). In the case of signal outage, GPS does not work properly. During this outage, the vehicle position is estimated. The estimation is based on the principle of the inertial navigation (INS). Data required for the estimation are obtained from the following sources: (i) controller-area network (CAN) that provides a data from the vehicle sensors; (ii) external device that provides an acceleration and an angular velocity in the three axes from MEMS sensors; (iii) GPS navigation. All above mentioned devices are tightly connected with the vehicle.


HMI – Human Machine Interface

Industrial case studies focused on an on-board HMI supporting interactions between driver and on-board systems, e.g. for measuring quantitative and qualitative parameters of driver behaviour. This area of research is mainly focused on investigation driver bio-physiological parameters including driver decoy. Development systems providing information about actual, vehicle-related and predicted HMI parameters based on communication on car bus with support HMI Simulator. HMI simulator is understand as equipment, on which is possible in laboratory way objectively measure driver stress induced by different disturbing effects and subsequently judge influence of stress on safety factors.


Industrial partners:

Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Machan, CSc. / ŠKODA AUTO a.s.  Head of Department TC

Ing. Pavel Nedoma, PhD / ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Deputy Head of Department TC

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