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JobControl: User Interface for Routine Use of Mixtools

Jobcontrol is a user friendly interface for Mixtools and Designer toolboxes. The Mixtools toolbox is a powerful set of utilities for system identification employing mixture models and the corresponding control design. It is implemented as set of M-scripts and MEX-binary exacutables for the Matlab computing environment. It suits to the goal of finding suitable structure for given data. The Designer toolbox then serves for finding optimal controller parameters, constructing ideal controller and testing the controller found.

As an expert tools, Mixtools and Designer fullfils end user's needs, but are not totally suited for direct usage of the end user. In other words, they are not very user-friendly. It is why, we are developing, environment, which integrates all the tasks, that are connected with system identification and controller design and helps to collec all the user's knowledge of data and the real-world system where data come from. The Jobcontrol package, therefore, integrates endless expertise that is otherwise available only through study of the theoretical books - Optimized Bayesian Dynamic Advising: Theory and Algorithms by M. Karny et al. and [P. Nedoma, M. Karny, T.V. Guy, I. Nagy, and L. Tesar. Learning and prediction with normal mixtures. Technical Report 2045, UTIA AV CR, 2002], Mixtools toolbox documentation Bayesian approach to system identification by V. Peterka and experience contained in many experiments.


The Jobcontrol package help to solve user's problem in terms of the experiment (or job). Every experiment consists of description of user's data, and description of the way how the mixture is estimated and how the control is performed and what tests are to be done. Jobcontrol offers the user environment for interactive input of the description of experiment as well as lucid way of configuring experiment using one cnfiguration file. Integral part of Jobcontrol package is the protocol generator, which automatically creates a very convenient LaTeX document, which shows all the aspects of system identification, control and user's data description.


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