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Michal Haindl

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Jiří Grim

Jana Krejčová

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The scope of the activities of the Department of Pattern Recognition covers statistical pattern recognition, with emphasis being put on model-based pattern recognition and the application of finite mixtures, modeling of random fields for scene interpretation, probabilistic neural networks, statistical feature selection and applications in economics, the car industry, architecture, medicine, and text-document classification and processing. In all these areas, the group members enjoy an international reputation manifested by scientific awards and memberships in the governing bodies of international organizations.


Recent news:

Pavel Vacha - cena CSKI
Czech society for cybernetics and informatics awarded Prize of Antonín Svoboda for the best PhD thesis in 2011 to

RNDr. Pavel Vácha, Ph.D.

from Institute of Information Theory and Automation.


The Award of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for outstanding results of major scientific importance in 2011 was received by a team of authors from the Institute of Information Theory and Automation. The team led by prof. Ing. Michal Haindl, DrSc. consisting of: Ing. J. Filip, Ph.D, Ing. J. Grim, CSc., RNDr. Vojtech Havlicek, Ph.D, and Ing. M. Hatka was awarded for the scientific outcome: Mathematical modeling of visual properties of surface materials.

Jiří Filip
Akademická rada Akademie věd ČR, na základě návrhu poroty pro udělování Prémií Otto Wichterleho mladým vědeckým pracovníkům v AV ČR, udělila Prémii Otto Wichterleho v roce 2010

Ing. Jiřímu Filipovi, Ph.D.

z Ústavu teorie informace a automatizace.

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