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SILENSE - (Ultra)Sound Interfaces and Low Energy iNtegrated SEnsors

Project leader: Ing. Jiří Kadlec, CSc.
Department: ZS
Supported by (ID): 8A17006
Grantor: Foreign Grantor
Type of project: applicational
Duration: 2017 - 2020
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SILENSE is an ECSEL JU standard (RIA) project. The SILENSE project will focus on using smart acoustic technologies and ultrasound in particular for Human Machine- and Machine to Machine Interfaces. Acoustic technologies have the main advantage of a much simpler, smaller, cheaper and easier to integrate transducer. The ambition of this project is to develop and improve acoustic technologies beyond state-of-the-art and extend its application beyond the mobile domain to Smart Home & Buildings and Automotive domains. In this project, it will be proven that acoustics can be used as a touchless activation and control mechanism, by improvement or development of different smart acoustic technology blocks (hardware, software and system level) and integrate these blocks at system level.

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Grant Agreement number: 737487
Call: H2020-ECSEL-2016-1-RIA-two-stage
Responsible for information: ZS
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