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Conference Paper (international conference)

Stability Analysis and Fast Damped-Gauss-Newton Algorithm for INDSCALTensor Decomposition

Koldovský Zbyněk, Tichavský Petr, Phan A. H.

: 2011 IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP) Proceedings, p. 581-584

: 2011 IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP), (Nice, FR, 28.06.2011-30.06.2011)

: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

: 1M0572, GA MŠk, GA102/09/1278, GA ČR, GAP103/11/1947, GA ČR

: INDSCAL, PARAFAC, tensor decomposition

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2011/SI/tichavsky-stability analysis and fast damped-gauss-newton algorithm for indscaltensor decomposition.pdf

(eng): INDSCAL is a special case of the CANDECOMP-PARAFAC (CP) decomposition of three or more-way tensors, where two factor matrices are equal. This paper provides a stability analysis of INDSCAL that is done by deriving the Cram'er-Rao lower bound (CRLB) on variance of an unbiased estimate of the tensor parameters from its noisy observation (the tensor plus a Gaussian random tensor). The existence of the bound reveals necessary conditions for the essential uniqueness of the INDSCAL decomposition. This is compared with previous results on CP. Next, analytical expressions for the inverse of the Hessian matrix, which is needed to compute the CRLB, are used in a damped Gaussian (Levenberg-Marquardt) algorithm, which gives a novel method for INDSCAL having a lower computational complexity.

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