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Journal Article

Improvenet of The Broiler House Ventilation Using The CFD Simulation

Zajíček Milan, Kic P.

: Agronomy Research, p. 235-242

: Biosystems Engineering 2012, (Tartu, EE, 10.05.2012-11.05.2012)

: broiler house, ventilation, fluid dynamics

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2012/VS/zajicek-improvenet of the broiler house ventilation using the cfd simulation.pdf

(eng): The paper presents the CFD solution of miscellaneously improved cases for the various flow and shape configurations of the broiler house. Effects of the transversal and longitudinal ventilation are combined with the changes of an inlet air streams directions and also with the different cross-section shaping obtained using curtains. All cases are evaluated and compared according the same methodology. Results are discussed in terms of an existing state and also in terms of expected costs needed for the ventilation system reconstruction.

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