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Conference Paper (international conference)

Longitudinal Ventilation of Broiler House - Simulation of Variants

Zajíček Milan, Kic P.

: Proceedings of the 12th International Scientific Conference on Engineering for Rural Development, p. 198-202

: Engineering for Rural Development, (Jelgava, LV, 23.05.2013-24.05.2013)

: tunnel ventilation, computational fluid dynamics, broiler house

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2013/VS/zajicek-longitudinal ventilation of broiler house-simulation of variants.pdf

(eng): This paper is focused to the broiler house ventila tion during the summer period, when the maximum amount of ventilation air exchange is needed and also the higher air velocities are required for intensive cooling of animals. The basic parameters of the analyzed cases are set up with respect to the technical standards. Several 2D CFD (computer fluid dynamics) models for every configuration are solved using the Ansys Fluent software and discussed from different points of view with the focus to the welfare of animals. The model variables are mainly the size and shape of the inlets and outlets and their position. The changing area of the ventilated cross- section is also included into the models presented here. The main part of the work is focused onto finding the most usable configuration according to the shape of velocity and temperature profile inside the zone of animals.

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