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Distributed framework for modeling and reconstruction of nuclear accidents

Hofman Radek, Pecha Petr, Šmídl Václav

: Book of Abstracts of CTBT Science and Technology 2013 Conference, p. 63-63

: CTBT Science and Technology 2013 Conference, (Vienna, AT, 17.-21.6. 2013)

: VG20102013018, GA MV

: distributed computing, Bayesian filtering, atmospheric dispersion modeling

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2013/AS/hoffman-0394249.pdf

(eng): Application of advanced Bayesian methods in the field of radiation protection, e.g. Monte Carlo methods, requires high computational power. To ensure sufficient computational resources without extensive investments we attempt to develop a framework for construction of distributed computational environments using a large number of common personal computers connected to the internet. It can be used for construction of systems dedicated to a single extensive task or as a computational base for multiple concurrent users.

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