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Conference Paper (international conference)

Heating of Large Industrial and Agricultural Buildings

Zajíček Milan, Kic Pavel

: Agronomy Research, p. 237-244

: Biosystems Engineering 2014, (Tartu, EE, 08.05.2014-09.05.2014)

: energy, radiation, thermal comfort, simulation

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2014/VS/zajicek-0428055.pdf

(eng): This paper presents the results of simulation calculations used in the selection and design of an appropriate method of heating of large buildings for agricultural or industrial purposes. These halls are characterized by a large built-up area, large room height and high consumption of energy for heating. The aim of simulation calculation was to find a way of heating, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption while maintaining the required thermal comfort of indoor environment. Calculations were performed using the CFD software ANSYS-Fluent. For comparison of variants 3D model was used, including a heat source, natural convection and heat transfer through surrounding structures. There were studied mainly the results of thermal comfort of working environment in the level of people, or growing zone of plants or storage space for goods. The second area of interior space, especially important in terms of heat losses, is the level of the ceiling.

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