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Analysis of elevated I-131 samples observed in 2011 over Europe

Hofman Radek, Tichý Ondřej, Šindelářová Kateřina

: Geophysical Research Abstracts

: EGU General Assembly 2016, (Vienna, AT, 18.04.2016-22.04.2016)

: 7F14287, GA MŠk

: inverse modeling, source term location, Bayesian methods

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2016/AS/tichy-0458898.pdf

(eng): We are concerned with analysis of elevated I-131 samples observed in October and November 2011 across Europe. Later on these samples were connected with I-131 emissions from the Hungarian Institute of Isotopes in Budapest. Using the data from multiple European countries we attempt to estimate the source term using two methods.

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