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Conference Paper (international conference)

Summer Ventilation of Poultry House for Chicken Fattening in CFD Modeling

Cao V. D., Kic P., Zajíček Milan

: 16th International Scientific Conference ENGINEERING FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT Proceedings, p. 461-466 , Eds: Aboltins Aivars


: brojler, Fluent, temperature, ventilation

: 10.22616/ERDev2017.16.N091

: http://library.utia.cas.cz/separaty/2017/VS/zajicek-0475649.pdf

(eng): The aim of this paper is a numerical analysis of ventilation of the buildings for broiler during summer. Ventilation is the most important operation for internal environment to achieve the best performance of chickens. At each stage of growth of the chicken exists optimum performance zone, in which the chickens use the most of the energy from food for growth. The target temperature for best performance of broilers during growth changes daily and therefore ventilation is necessary to be modified by suitable method. During the fattening period the biological production and thermoregulatory ability of chickens change significantly. In summer at the end of the fattening period, the problem of making the internal environment is more significant. The fundamental problem will be solved by using mathematical simulation, and speed of flow will be determined in the ventilated space. For the research of the airflow, prediction of the expected speed and air temperatures were used CFD (computer fluid dynamics) software Fluent. The effects of the change geometry and outside temperature, concentration of carbon oxides, ammonia and dust within the hall were also monitored. Examined results of the program Fluent in all variations of temperatures and geometry for the location of the ventilation systems will be compared and then the effects and aftermath within the climatic conditions will be evaluated.

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: 20102